Custom Work Bench - Assembly

    The custom electric height adjustable work bench was designed as a part of an assembly operation. Handling of heavy items on and across the workstation is made effortless with a post-formed laminate top equipped with surface rollers, ball transfers, and electrically controlled tilt. Adjustable accessories swing in and out of the way as needed creating an ergonomically optimized workspace for operators.

  • • Work surface with fixed inset rollers in the back and pneumatic ball transfers in the middle to assist lifting and moving of heavy items; height and tilting angle of the top controlled by two programmable switches with preset adjustability; safety lip at the ball transfers section to prevent the load from sliding off the table and can be lowered when no longer needed
  • • Large 18”x28” adjustable shelf with infinite tilt up to 25 degrees for easy reach; additional shelving installed on the double sided and double slotted uprights at the back of the work bench for storage of extra tools and supplies
  • • Articulating bin holder for assorted size storage bins which can be pulled closer for easy reach of small items and pushed out of the way when not in use; KIM wipe holder and solder spool holder mounted on bin rail
  • • LED overhead light with 2 or 4 bulbs; task light for additional light for detailed task; tool track with balancer to keep tools where they are needed
  • • Clothes hanger arm for supplies such as roll of bubble wrap, paper or wire and can swivel out of way when not in use
  • • Footrest with adjustable tilt up to 30 degrees for sitting or standing positions; can slide in and out as needed

DISCLAIMER : Product specifications and availability may change without notice.