Custom Workbench - ESD Turntable Assembly Station

    This custom assembly station was designed for an electric vehicle manufacturer. It is made up of multiple synchronized electric height adjustable workstation frames. The entire work surface and turntable are ESD compliant to ensure the safety of delicate electronic components. With electric height adjustability and a full 51” turntable, it allows the operators to work on different parts of a heavy component easily and efficiently. The design helps prevent ergonomic injuries resulting from lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy objects. At the same time, it reduces non-valued added motions related to changing the positions of the component.

  • • The station is driven by two actuators and controlled with one programmable electric switch. The height of the whole station can be set up and adjusted easily with the touch of a button.
  • • Turntable rotates on ball transfers to ensure smooth, easy movement for operators and is fully grounded/ESD compliant to protect the sensitive electronics components.
  • • Peg boards on both sides keep tools and supplies organized and within reach.
  • • Two power bars mounted on the uprights provide convenient access to power supply for the equipment and devices.

DISCLAIMER : Product specifications and availability may change without notice.