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Workbench tops and surfaces play an important role in labs. Chemical and impact resistance or cleanroom requirements are frequent requests for lab workstations.

Different tasks can require specific work surfaces. BOSTONtec offers the most popular laboratory options – laminate, stainless steel, phenolic resin and epoxy – as well as special requests. Contact us for additional choices.

Key Benefits
  • Strength and durability
  • Chemical resistance options
  • Control in cleanroom environments
  • Ergonomic options with rolled edges
Lab Work Surface

 Work Surface Options for Labs

Premium Grade Laminate

Premium Grade Laminate

This very durable surface is constructed with a top layer of 1/16 inch premium grade laminate over 11/8 inch thick high density core board. All four sides are finished with an impact-resistant 3mm PVC edging with a 2mm radius. Standard color is black; other colors are available.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Durable and chemical resistant, this work surface is made of 14 gauge, 304 grade stainless steel formed over a sealed laminated high density core board. The 1 1/2 inch thick surface has a non-reflecting, random brushed finish.

Phenolic Resin

Phenolic Resin

Solid phenolic is a high-pressure, thermoset resin composite, chemical-resistant material. It is nonporous and nonconductive with high impact resistance and superior structure strength.



A monolithic thermosetting material composed of modified epoxy resin and a fine filler material. This material exhibits exceptional structural strength and excellent chemical resistance. Finished edges are the same material as the work surface. Thickness is 1″.

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Custom Industrial Workbenches

When is it right for you?

Modular workstations are all-rounders and will adjust to several different workflows. So when should you consider custom solutions?

A custom workstation can be as simple as a small shelf or as elaborate as a multi-station configuration. As you’re planning your ideal workstation, our modular system is a great place to start. Fine-tune your station to ensure higher productivity and employee retention.

Infographic Custom Workbenches


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