Easy Customization

Custom Solutions Lead to Optimized Performance

Custom workstations are better when you strive for a perfect fit between a station and its users.

It is impossible for standard workstations and accessories to cover every need in diverse work settings. Companies who truly embrace ergonomics go beyond standard products and strive for a perfect fit instead of just ‘good enough’.

Other times a business starts to focus on ergonomics because they see an uptick in injuries. That is when custom solutions come into play to get industrial work benches better suited to their users.

” Companies might be in the same business, but none of them do things the same way or have the exact same setup. When a worker has to conform to a workstation, productivity suffers and injuries happen. Organizations that are truly involved in ergonomics need custom solutions. “

Rob Doucette

Product Development Engineer, BOSTONtec

Industry Experience
Improve Productivity
Reduce Medical and Training Cost
Keep Employees Healthy and Motivated

Explore Ideas for Your Next Custom Workbench

Clothes hanger arm for supplies
such as roll of bubble wrap,
paper or wire and can swivel out
of way when not in use
Articulating bin holder for
assorted size storage bins
which can be pulled closer
for easy reach of small items
and pushed out of the way
when not in use
Work surface with fixed inset
rollers in the back and pneumatic
ball transfers in the middle to
assist lifting and moving of heavy
items; height and tilting angle
controlled by 2 programmable
tool track with balancer to keep
tools where they are needed
Large 18” x 28” adjustable
shelf with infinite tilt up to 25
degrees for easy reach
Footrest with adjustable tilt
up to 30 degrees for sitting or
standing positions; can slide
in and out as needed
LED overhead lights to
provide optimum lighting
Custom electric height adjustable
workstation located alongside of
a conveyor for material handling
operations. Integrated section of
roller surface tilts quickly when
loaded with multiple totes to provide
easy access to the contents for further
Tool track with balancer to keep the
scanner where it is needed
Monitor on pneumatic height
adjustable arm to display work
Easy access to labels via a
thermal printer placed on steel
Ergonomically angled tray
to hold water activated tape
Mini box-building shelf which
can be flipped and stowed out
of the way when not in use
Pull-out box-building
and equipment shelves
Wire management trough
doubles as backstop
Work surface cut-out
connected to a bin underneath
for label contact paper disposal
Under work surface
shelving system for easy
access of supplies and
materials and keeping the
work surface clutter-free
See It Before You Buy It!

BOSTONtec is The Industry Leader in Customized Solutions

Our in-house capabilities take your ideas from concept to final product.
Design and engineering
1 Design & Engineering

Working with the customer, our design team identifies and addresses the specific needs of the application. Our engineering team then creates a customized solution with renderings to assist in completion of the final design.

2 Manufacturing

Once designs are customer-approved, our engineering and production teams turn the drawings into customized workstations. All aspects of manufacturing are performed in-house.

  • Sheets of steel are laser cut, pressed and formed to exact specifications.
  • Our welding department utilizes MIG, TIG and spot welding techniques.
  • All steel components are finished on our powder coating line where they are high pressure washed, degreased, painted and baked at 400 degrees.
  • Finally, custom workstations head to assembly where frame and under work surface components are assembled before shipment.
Paint booth spray
Shipping and packaging
3 Shipping

BOSTONtec custom workstations are carefully packaged and palletized for protection during shipment. We value feedback from our customers and carriers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes to reduce freight damage and unnecessary waste.

4 Project Support

BOSTONtec offers project management services. Our customer service team is there to make sure that all your needs related to the project are met. We also offer onsite installation. Our expert installers will make moving in the stations a breeze for you.

Install with tool

Your Imagination Is The Limit

We have over 20 years of knowledge and experience providing custom solutions. Explore the custom section of our online catalog for inspiration.

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