Custom Workbench - Wire Harness Board Frame

    The custom electric height adjustable wire harness assembly workstation provides a compact, flexible, and space-saving solution. It features two back-to-back wire harness board frames which can be used for two separate assembly tasks. When two of these units stand side by side, they create an extended work surface on each side with synchronized height adjustment. The ergonomic setup allows the operators to work comfortably and efficiently in sitting or standing positions. Its modular design adapts easily to various work flows.

  • • Height of each wire harness board frame can be adjusted individually at the touch of button. The actuators of two adjacent board frames can be programmed to allow synchronized height adjustment
  • • 20 degrees of tilt back from the fully vertical position possible
  • • Power bars at the top and bottom of the frames provide easy access to power for equipment and tools; support additional air outlets if needed
  • • Attached foot rests provide ergonomic comfort for operator when sitting or standing; can serve as lower shelf for occasional storage

DISCLAIMER : Product specifications and availability may change without notice.