Care and Maintenance

Product Care and Maintenance

BOSTONtec workstations have been designed and manufactured to be extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free.

These guidelines are provided to ensure the proper use, safety and care of a BOSTONtec system. We encourage users to take a few minutes to review and contact us with any questions – and we thank you for your purchase!

Workstation Maintenance and Care
Electric Height Adjustable Base Frame Operation

Please use caution when operating the height adjustment of the BOSTONtec workstation. The actuators within the BOSTONtec system have an upward/downward force of 500 to 1,200 pounds, failure to observe caution could result in serious injury or damage. The BOSTONtec electric height adjustable workstation requires a single 120VAC outlet. It is not recommended to plug the station into a power strip. This will ensure reliable operation and will reduce the chances of overload when other equipment is being used.

To raise the workstation: make sure there are no obstructions to the upward movement of the workstation. Please note, if the workstation has an upright system installed for shelving, etc. make sure there are no obstructions above or on the side of the workstation and that all shelving and items are secured before adjusting. Push and hold the up button on the control keypad to raise the station until the desired height is reached. To lower the workstation, make sure there are no obstructions below the station (trash cans, boxes, carts, etc.) and all items are secure. Push and hold the down arrow on the control keypad until the desired height is reached.

If workstations are placed side-by-side with other workstations or tables, make sure all hands, equipment and items are clear from the sides of the work surface when you or another operator is adjusting the station. The BOSTONtec actuator has an internal braking system that automatically engages to keep the station from moving up/down unintentionally. The system also has limiting switches built in that will stop the station at its maximum and minimum heights.

BOSTONtec Accessories

BOSTONtec offers many accessories to help provide maximum efficiency and ergonomics.

Monitor/Keyboard/Articulating Arms and Platforms: Articulating arms are attached to the upright system and allow for the inward/outward movement of peripherals. Make sure monitors/keyboards are secured to the articulating arms before movement and always use two hands while adjusting.

Under-Work-Surface Keyboard Tray: to extend, use two hands and pull out the keyboard tray until it stops. For the UWKMS, first slide the keyboard tray out from under the surface, then loosen the knob located under/behind the keyboard tray to raise and lower the tray as well as adjust the tilt. Tighten the knob once the desired position is achieved.

Standard Steel Shelving: Standard shelving can be adjusted without tools, however, please make sure two hands are used when removing/installing shelving and both sides are taken out or attached at the same time. To remove the standard shelf, use both hands to lift the entire shelf straight up and pull it out of the slotted upright. To re-attach, use both hands to align the brackets with the desired slots on the upright and push the tabs straight into the upright then lower the shelf so the tabs lock into the upright. Make sure all tabs have engaged into the upright before loading shelves.

Adjustable Steel Shelving: To adjust the shelf, locate the black hand knobs along the side of the shelf. Turn both knobs counter-clockwise to loosen the shelf, then adjust the angle of the shelf. When the desired angle is achieved, turn the knobs clockwise to tighten and secure the shelf. When moving the shelf, lift the front of the shelf upwards then pull the shelf out of the slotted upright. It may be necessary to loosen the hand knobs along the side of the shelf. To re-attach, align the top tabs of the shelf brackets with the desired slots on the upright and lift the front of the shelf up at an angle to clear the notch on the top tab.  Then lower the front of the shelf and align the remaining tabs into the upright. Make sure all tabs have engaged into the upright before loading shelves.

Drawers and Pullout Shelves: To extend the drawer, reach under the handle and pull out until the drawer or shelf stops. Drawers/pullouts are not designed for lateral movement (bumping or pushing side to side). If excessive force is used, the tracks could come apart or the internal stops could be damaged, causing the drawer/pullout to fall off the track. If the drawer becomes difficult to push in or out, please stop usage and alert maintenance or your local BOSTONtec representative. Do not load drawers with more than 50 pounds.

LED Overhead Lighting: Lighting can be turned on/off by using the power switch located on the face of the light housing. Our four-bulb lighting system has an additional switch to turn on/off two bulbs inside the unit. To replace the bulbs, slide off the parabolic or standard filter and replace the bulb with a similar T8 LED bulb. Replace cover by re-inserting the lens or parabolic filter in the track and slide back into place.

Task Lighting: Task lighting can be mounted directly to the work surface or to the upright system (with an additional upright clamp). Use two hands while moving the light into the desired position and then use the power switch located on the unit to turn the power on/off. Use the knobs at the joints of the arms to tighten/lock the arm in place.

General Care and Maintenance
  • Product intended for indoor use only. Do not expose to elements.
  • An actuator system is a sealed unit; there is no required maintenance on the actuator system or base frame legs.
  • Check any bolts/screws once per year to make sure fasteners remain tight.
  • Check all cords (power, control keypad, etc.) every 6 months to make sure there are no kinked, pinched or frayed wires.
  • Check to make sure the workstation is level once per year and adjust leveler glides accordingly.
  • To clean the workstation, use a mild general-purpose cleaner using a damp cloth to wipe down. Do not immerse any part of the workstation with water or liquid. 
  • DO NOT clean or wipe down the inner leg (upper section) components of the system. The inner leg has been assembled and lubricated from the factory. Wiping down/cleaning the inner leg can remove the lubricant. This causes friction between the internal components resulting in premature wear and voiding warranty. The outer leg (lower section) can be cleaned.