Custom Workbench - ESD Workstation

    Custom electric adjustable height ESD workbench is designed to prevent ESD damages in electronics assembly and testing. It combines ESD safety with ergonomics to improve product quality, productivity, and employee well-being.

  • • ESD protected laminate work surface protects the sensitive electronics components and devices from damaging by sudden electric discharge. Flush ESD grounding bolt is included and swivet connectors are available for grounding
  • • Special medium duty static dissipative ESD casters allow the static electricity to be released into flooring when the station is on the move
  • • Pneumatic height adjustable double monitor arm holds two screens and allows users to work in ergonomic postures
  • • Custom shallow drawers with compartments for tool storage; drawer cubby for storing supplies
  • • Articulating bin holder provides easy access to small items, and swings out of the way when not in use; tool trolley and tool balancer keep tool where it is needed and work surface clear for tasks
  • • Under work surface CPU holder keeps CPU off floor and hardware upgrades and repairs easy

DISCLAIMER : Product specifications and availability may change without notice.