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Improve the accuracy and speed of your work by providing the correct lighting and make access to power quick and easy.

Proper lighting is one of the more overlooked ergonomic aspects in industrial lighting, even though it is critical for both worker safety and quality of work. Make sure you provide convenient access to power to reduce bending and stretching. Proper lighting can increase productivity and safety by providing the operator with appropriate visibility to perform tasks. Focused task lighting will support the quality of meticulous work and avoid eyestrain and headaches.

Key Benefits
  • Increase productivity with easy access to power
  • Ensure quality and accuracy with focused task lighting
  • Improve safety with overhead workstation lighting
Power Bar

Workstation Power and Lighting Options

LED Overhead Lights

LED Overhead Lights

Units mount above industrial uprights to provide additional light over the work surface. Available in 2- or 4-bulb versions with an optional parabolic filter to direct light onto the surface. It can be extended up to 18 inches from uprights. Light bulbs, mounting brackets, and tool track are included.

8-Outlet Horizontal Power Bar

8-Outlet Horizontal Power Bar

Power bar provides 8 AC outlets, circuit breaker, and lighted on/off switch. Available in 15A and 20A. Easily mounts to industrial uprights without tools. Locking brackets are provided to secure the power bar to uprights. BOSTONtec double-sided uprights allow the option to place the power bar on the back of a workstation keeping plugs away from work space. Brackets are also available to mount to a work surface.

6-Outlet Vertical Power Bar

6-Outlet Vertical Power Bar

Power bar provides 6 AC outlets, circuit breaker and lighted on/off switch. It easily mounts to industrial uprights without tools. BOSTONtec double-sided uprights allow an operator the option to place the power bar on the back of a workstation keeping plugs away from work space.

6-Outlet Horizontal Power Bar

6-Outlet Horizontal Power Bar

Power bar provides 6 AC outlets, circuit breaker and lighted on/off switch. It mounts to the underside of a work surface and is ideal for electrical items located under the workstation.

Task light for workbench

Task Light

For detailed activities, the task light brightens a specific area reducing operator eye strain. Light mounts to a work surface or the industrial workstation upright. Mounting clamps are included. It extends up to 35 inches. Touch panel is integrated into the luminaire head for On/Off and dimming.

Magnifying Lights

Magnifying Lights

The combination of powerful light and magnification helps users with even the most meticulous tasks. Moving light and magnification to the operator reduces movement and eye strain. Units mount to work surface and extend. Includes clamp to mount to an industrial workstation upright.

LED under shelf lights

LED Under Shelf Light

LED under shelf lights ensure optimal visibility and efficiency for meticulous tasks such as assembly, testing, and quality control. They are available in standard and premium versions. Magnetic mounting clips and jumper cords are included to allow users to easily install and connect multiple lights for a custom lighting solution. They have a built-in on/off switch with 100%-15% continuous dimming capability.

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Custom Industrial Workbenches

When is it right for you?

Modular workstations are all-rounders and will adjust to several different workflows. So when should you consider custom solutions?

A custom workstation can be as simple as a small shelf or as elaborate as a multi-station configuration. As you’re planning your ideal workstation, our modular system is a great place to start. Fine-tune your station to ensure higher productivity and employee retention.

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