Assembly Instructions

AF & AFC Manual Height Adjustable Workstation
Column Electric Height Adjustable Workstation
PB & PBC Electric Height Adjustable Workstation
PT Electric Height Adjustable Workstation
Standing Workstation Frame – SWF3069
Standing Workstation Frame – SWF6069
Standing Workstation Frame Arms – SWFA24
Technical Workstation – TCBE-TCBL-TCBC
Trolley – TTF3073
Work Surfaces – TM-PF-MS-CR


Adjustable Shelf with Tilt – AS1828-AS2428
Articulating Arms – KBAA-AFPDA-FPDA-PFSMA
Articulating Bin Holder – BH1420
Attached Footrest – AFRXXXX
Attached Footrest – PBFR10XX-PTFR10XX
Backscreen – BS2428-BSE2428-BS2428W-BS2428P-BS2428M
Bin Rail and Accessories – BR0429
CPU Holder – CPU01-CPU04L-CPU04R
CPU Holder – CPU02
Document Holder – DH1420-DH1111-TRH1111
Drawers – DRWXX
General Purpose 2 and 4 Bulb Light – LT48XX
Keyboard Holder – KT1907
Keyboard-Monitor Arm Bracket
Mouse Pad – MP1010
Overhead Spool Holder – OSH30XX
Overhead Storage Cabinet – SC1230
Overhead Tool Support – OTSXX
Paper Holder and Cutter – PHC830
Platform-VDT Holder and Keyboard Tray – PH13XX
Power Bars and Air Outlet Mounting Plate – PBHM08-HPBWM-AIR
Shelves Corrugate Storage – CSS1560
Shelves Dividers – DIV1215
Shelves Steel – SHXX30
Shelves Steel Foot – FS13XX-FSD13XX
Six Outlet Vertical Power Bar – PB6OUTV
Spool Holder Rod – SHR830
Surface Mount Uprights – UP30-UP303
Task Lighting Mounting Clamps – WTLM-LTLM
Tool Trolley and Tool Balancer – TBT-TBBD03
Under Shelf Light Mount
Under Work Surface Keyboard Tray – UWKT-UWKTM_UWMP
Under Work Surface Mount – CB9
Under Work Surface Shelf – UWS17XX
Under Worksurface Keyboard Tray with Mouse Tray – UWKTM
Upright Double Bay – DBUP53
Upright Double Bay for Tech Centers – DBUP53-TC
Upright Single Bay – SBUP53
Upright Triple Bay – TBUP53
Work Surface Backstop – BS06XX-BS06XXT
Work Surface Riser – WSR1236


Gas Manifold – GM Series
Hanging Cabinets – KA Series
Laboratory Carts – LCL-LCC
Manual Workstation – LMC
Pneumatic Arm for Keyboard – PKBAAS
Pneumatic Arm for Monitor – PFSMAS
Power Manifold – PM Series
Power Workstation – LPC
Shelves Upright Mounted
Task Lights – TL Series
Uprights – URS1
Utility Workstation – LUC-LUE

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