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No two business operations and no two employees are the same.

The need to design for fexibility and adjustability

Industrial business processes are often multi-shift, multi-operator environments. When designing workstations for these situations, we have to keep several important ergonomic rules in mind, and design for flexibility and adjustability.

Ergonomic Principles

ergoman reachzones
  1. Optimize Position
  2. Eliminate Extreme Movements
  3. Minimize Forces and Repetition
  4. Order and Color Coding
  5. Optimize Lighting
In a multi-shift, multi-operator environment, designing for adjustability is the only way we can accommodate a diverse workforce. Electric height adjustable workstations allow your employees to effortlessly adjust their stations. Only a smooth and easy feature will be used consistently and ensure the benefits for your organization.
Ergo combined

Examples of Ergonomically Designed Workstations

Pneumatic height
adjustable monitor arm
Label holder trough
Pull-out shelf for
laser printer
Pull-out shelf for
thermal printer
Spool holder for bubble wrap
Pneumatic height adjustable
keyboard tray with mouse pad
Height adjustability with the
touch of a button
Under work surface box
building shelf
Corrugate storage cart
Instructions: Mouse over numbers for additional information.

Eliminate Extreme Movement

The opposite of an optimized neutral posture is extreme movements or awkward postures. When you move away from the optimized position toward extremes in the range of motion, you create ergonomic risk. When we work with you on an ergonomic workstation design for your operation, we pay attention to your workflow and minimize these extreme motions. Take a look at the short video demonstrating the BOSTONtec solution for building large boxes while minimizing extreme motions, following an important ergonomic rule.

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