Lab Workstation Feet and Casters

Mobility & Stability in Your Lab

Workstation feet and casters define how you use your lab.

Feet or casters complete every workstation. Select from a range of options based on your specific application. All caster options include special drop-down feet designed for adding casters without increasing the starting workstation height.

Key Benefits
  • Level workbench on uneven floors
  • Add mobility and rearrange your lab with ease
  • Ensure safety and stability with locking casters
universal locking caster

Workstation Feet & Caster Options

Leveler Feet and Lag Plate

Leveler Feet

Feet allow users to level the workstation on uneven surfaces by adjusting glides appropriately. Leveler glides are included.

universal locking caster

Universal Locking Casters

Gray polyurethane casters are compatible with LPC and LMC Series workstations. These casters feature a 4-inch wheel and are available with all 4 locking options.

Universal Leveling Casters

Universal Leveling Casters

Leveling casters allow users to balance the workstation on uneven surfaces, then lock the unit securely in place. Casters feature a 2 1/2-inch black nylon wheel and are compatible with LPC and LMC Series workstations.

See It Before You Buy It!

Custom Industrial Workbenches

When is it right for you?

Modular workstations are all-rounders and will adjust to several different workflows. So when should you consider custom solutions?

A custom workstation can be as simple as a small shelf or as elaborate as a multi-station configuration. As you’re planning your ideal workstation, our modular system is a great place to start. Fine-tune your station to ensure higher productivity and employee retention.

Infographic Custom Workbenches


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