Workbench Tools and Support

Optimize For Efficiency

Placing tools within the proper ergonomic reach zones can reduce operator motions and improve productivity.

Every motion your workers have to do to find, hold and store a tool requires energy and time. Make sure to keep those motions to a minimum, by adding proper tool supports to your workbench. Save your workers’ energy for skilled motions that add value to your product.

Key Benefits
  • Support your 5S initiatives
  • Reduce non-value added motions
  • Improve employee well-being
  • Increase productivity
Tool Trolley Balancer

Workstation Tool Support Options

OTS60 Overhead Tool Support

Overhead Tool Support

The overhead support can be used to hold a tool trolley and tool balancer. The support has a 35-pound capacity, mounts to all industrial workbenches uprights and comes in sizes to match workstation widths. Additional auxiliary tool track available.

Aux Tool Track

Auxiliary Tool Track

The track provides support for tool trolley and tool balancer. The support has a 35-pound capacity, mounts on overhead tool tracks and LTE light models and comes in sizes to match workstation widths. (Does not include “L” mounting brackets)


Tool Trolley and Tool Balancer

Compatible with the overhead tool support, the trolley glides through the track for smooth portability of attached items. Tool balancer rotates 360 degrees and has a push-button tension release. Combining the trolley and balancer keeps tools within reach of operator when needed then moves them out of the way when not in use.

Overhead Spool Holder

Overhead Spool Holder

Compatible with all industrial uprights and trolleys, the overhead spool holder accepts rolls up to 30 inches wide and 36 inches in diameter. This accessory has a 50-pound capacity and is perfect for keeping bubble wrap accessible on the workstation for packing applications. Add the optional spool rod holder (shown) for even better roll control.

Paper Holder and Cutter

Paper Holder and Cutter

This convenient all-in-one accessory holds and cuts packing or wrapping paper. The unit accepts rolls up to 30 inches wide and 9 inches in diameter. With a 75-pound capacity, the holder/cutter is ideal for packaging workstations and shipping worktables. Compatible with all industrial uprights.

Power tool holder on workbench

Power tool holder keeps most frequently used power tools handy. It can be mounted under the work surface or attached to the steel shelf depending on the user preferences and/or the work process requirements.

Upright mounted scanner bracket for workbench

The upright-mounted scanner bracket holds scanners of various sizes and styles. I t can be mounted to the standard BOSTONtec uprights on the left or right side of the workstation to accommodate both left and right-handed users.

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Custom Industrial Workbenches

When is it right for you?

Modular workstations are all-rounders and will adjust to several different workflows. So when should you consider custom solutions?

A custom workstation can be as simple as a small shelf or as elaborate as a multi-station configuration. As you’re planning your ideal workstation, our modular system is a great place to start. Fine-tune your station to ensure higher productivity and employee retention.

Infographic Custom Workbenches


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