Explore the principles of ergonomic design and learn how they enhance workplace comfort and efficiency with BOSTONtec. From reducing workplace injuries to improving productivity, our videos provide practical tips and solutions for creating an ergonomic workstation tailored to your needs. To learn more about ergonomics in the workplace, read our blog.

BOSTONtec® Ergo●Chat | Under Worksurface Shelving Explained
BOSTONtec® Ergo●Chat | Tool Tracks, Trolleys, and Balancers
BOSTONtec® Ergo●Chat | Power Tool Holders
BOSTONtec® Ergo●Chat | Bin Holder Arms
BOSTONtec® Ergo●Chat | Label Trough Explained
BOSTONtec® Ergo●Chat | Transfer & Rotation Worksurface
Why You Should Care About Ergonomics
Webinar Preview: Why Is Ergonomics Important?
Webinar Preview: Important Ergonomic Principles

Product Videos

Get an in-depth look at our latest product offerings with our informative product videos. From electric height-adjustable workstations to mobile workstations, explore our versatile solutions designed to meet the demands of modern workplaces.

BOSTONtec Workstation Environments
BOSTONtec® 3D Workstation Configurator Walkthrough
BOSTONtec® Troubleshooting Guide for PBH Style Workstations

Company News

Stay informed about the latest updates and developments from BOSTONtec with our company news videos. From new partnerships to industry insights, our videos provide insights into our company’s vision, achievements, and future goals.

Workstation Colors: BOSTONtec Invests in Latest Powder Coating Technology
Modex 2020 Trade Show Video
Overview of the BOSTONtec and Case Systems manufacturing operation.
Get a behind-the-scenes overview of the BOSTONtec® manufacturing process.