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Industrial Workbenches for Warehouses and Manufacturing Plants

Jan 24, 2021 | Ergonomics, Productivity

Industrial workbenches are an essential piece of equipment for warehouses and manufacturing operations alike. Typically, they’re used for packaging and assembly tasks and offer storage for supplies and tools. These benches are vital for creating productive, safe workplaces.

 Here are three reasons why you should consider installing adjustable height workbenches in your warehouse or production facility.

They’re Heavy Duty

Workbenches can handle a significant amount of weight with industrial benches, accommodating a capacity ranging from 500lbs to 1,200 lbs and more!

They often feature solid steel construction with a durable powder-coated finish in various colors that can enhance the look of your industrial environment while being virtually maintenance-free.


Using a durable workbench isn’t only a safety measure, but it is also cost-effective. Industrial quality workbenches must be able to tolerate excessive stress in multiple ways for everyday use. For a busy warehouse, this is a crucial requirement. 

Workbench work surfaces come in different materials to accommodate a wide variety of requirements. Premium commercial grade laminates, maple butcher block, stainless steel, or epoxy resin are common materials that fit different industrial settings.

Ergonomic Design

It’s common for employees to suffer from strain-related injuries within warehouse settings. Industrial workbenches reduce this risk by being designed for the worker’s needs. Pay attention to your workstations’ layout, where tools and supplies are stored, and keep the work surface free of clutter.

In most cases, an industrial workbench should be height adjustable to suit the size of the worker. It can also be adjusted to suit the task, contributing to the warehouse’s efficiency, quality of the work, and workers’ productivity.

Types of Industrial Workbenches

Now that we’ve covered why industrial workbenches in warehouses are so important, let’s look at the different types of workbenches and their use.

Assembly Bench

Any assembly is done best on an adequately equipped workbench. For best accuracy, pay attention to proper lighting, both overhead as well as task lighting. Magnifiers with integrated lighting can support small part assembly. Bin rails, pegboards, and drawers help keep supplies in their proper spot, and tool tracks support ergonomics, reducing the risk of injuries.

Electronics Workbench

You guessed it, these kinds of workbenches are explicitly designed to help in the assembly or repair of electronics, like laptops, phones, TV’s, etc.

It’s not unusual for electronics workbenches to come with an inbuilt power source and additional lighting. On top of that, these workbenches are usually set at a height that facilitates seated work.

It is essential for these applications to consider adding an Electro Static Discharge (ESD) grounding bolt. ESD worksurfaces aid in the prevention of damage to sensitive items and assemblies. 

Shipping Workbenches

For packing, shipping, or receiving activities, a shipping workbench will make a difference in productivity and worker well-being. These activities can be done faster and safer when a properly designed workbench is in place.

A typical shipping workbench will include a corrugate shelf to efficiently store packaging material and arm or spools for bubble wrap of foam rolls. These benches usually have space for well-positioned label or tape dispensers as well as printers. 

Especially in packaging and shipping operations, conveyor systems can improve speed considerably. Workbenches should be an efficient complement to your conveyor system to address ergonomic risk and optimize productivity and accuracy.

Testing Workbenches

Whether you want a testing workbench for laboratory testing or your assembly operation, industrial workbenches for testing should be specifically tailored to meet the task’s requirement.  A testing workbench provides an efficient work surface while giving technicians easy access to stored parts and testing equipment. Monitors and keyboards can be ergonomically mounted using adjustable arms or keyboard trays. A power supply is a must for most testing stations and can be added with power bars right on the workbench.

Jewelry Workbenches

Working with jewelry can be a delicate business, so having a workbench that allows workers to feel comfortable and aid is essential to optimize well-being and work efficiency.

Jewelry benches can be designed to host several features to suit your needs and your worker.

Height-adjustment, custom cutouts- to accommodate where the polishing equipment can go-and custom work surfaces are just some of the features to expect from a jewelry workbench.

Wire Harness Frames

If you’re in the automotive or aerospace business, assembling wire harnesses is critical to your operation. Choosing the right wire harness frame can significantly improve your productivity. Suitable wire-harness board frames use electric height-adjustability and manual tilt from 0 to 90 degrees in ten-degree increments to allow workers to reposition harness boards easily without disturbing work in progress.

Are You Ready to Start Using Industrial Workbenches?

We hope that having read this blog post, you now have a better idea of what industrial workbenches are and how they could benefit your business. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and contact us.

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