Work Surface - Specialty - Tilt

    Tilt tables improve user ergonomics and productivity by better positioning a task, reducing operator reach and promoting proper posture. Available with a full or split surface tilt in drafting or rotational style. Choice of manual or electric adjustability. Available in laminate and hardwood work surfaces.

    Drafting Style Tilt: Used for applications in which the work surface pivots from its front edge, similar to a drafting table.

    Rotational Tilt: Used for applications where the surface tilts around an axis placed back from the front edge of the surface. Unlike a standard drafting table tilt, the front of the surface will drop as the back rises. This method helps users gain easier access inside large, deep items.

    Manual Tilt: Manual tilt surfaces provide a simple, cost-effective method for adjusting position of smaller surfaces for light duty applications. The manual tilt option provides a ratcheting latch in the back of the work surface that allows the surface to be lifted to the desired tilt up to 30 degrees where the latch will lock into position.

    Electric Tilt: Standard electric tilt up to 60 degrees is available on any style tilting work surface.

DISCLAIMER : Product specifications and availability may change without notice.