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Before and After: How We Improved Wire Management for a Workbench

Nov 15, 2022 | All Articles, Productivity

Cable and wire management is sometimes overlooked in facilities. However, its purpose is well beyond just making everything look nice and orderly.

Why Wire Management?

Tangled wires and cords could be a real headache when equipment maintenance and/or troubleshooting is needed. It costs extra time and effort to sort them out. It could also pose a tripping hazard when the wires extend to the floor in high-traffic areas.

Last but not least, a disorganized workspace could negatively impact an employee’s productivity and a general sense of well-being.


Wire and cable management comes in a variety of forms. It ranges from clips, clamps, ties, and trays to ducts, tubing, covers, sleeves, and boxes. Options are endless. The goal of cord management is to organize, contain, conceal, and protect cords.

Wire Management Challenge

Recently we took on the challenge of improving the wire management for a workbench in a workshop using BOSTONtec’s heavy-duty wire management trough.

Here is a before and after comparison.


Before our project, the electric cables, network cables, phone cords, and data cables formed a big web dangling at the back of the station. Some wires were so long that they reached the floor and further spread out.

We started by moving the power bar to the uprights on the left-hand side to shorten the reach of the wires. We detangled all the wires and zip-tied the access.


We then mounted the wire management trough assembly into the slotted uprights behind the workstation and below the work surface.

We fed the wires into the trough assembly from the openings on the sides and at the bottom.

After the wires were sorted out and routed through the trough, we placed the cover over the trough assembly and secured it with four Phillips pan head machine screws.

The last step was pulling the electric plugs through the opening of the wire management trough cover and connecting them to the power source.


The result was a clutter-free, safe, and functional cable organization and work environment. A small change made a significant difference for people and equipment.

The BOSTONtec wire management trough for workbenches keeps the wires off the work surface providing additional workspace for operators. It is flexible and easy to use for wire organization. It can be mounted at any desired position on the uprights for a neat look.

­­­­Need wire management ideas for your industrial applications? Reach out to us for inspiration and solutions.

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