Who We Are

Improving Productivity through Ergonomic Solutions

BOSTONtec focuses on providing quality, ergonomic workstations and accessories designed to accommodate specific needs.

With more than 20 years of design and manufacturing experience, BOSTONtec is a leader in ergonomic, modular workstations and custom solutions.

We focus on affordable yet customizable designs that increase productivity, ROI and employee safety and satisfaction.

BOSTONtec Building
Who We Are

Established in 1993 as Boston Technical Furniture, our product line was developed based on ergonomics and product flexibility with an emphasis on sit-stand operation through electric height adjustability.

Case Systems, Inc. purchased the company in 2003, changed the name to BOSTONtec and moved manufacturing operations to Midland, Michigan.

Today BOSTONtec continues to grow and expand our offering to meet and exceed customer needs. We maintain our commitment to providing ergonomic workstations that increase productivity and improve the quality of work life.

Manufacturing Highlights
  • 170,000 square foot manufacturing facility utilizing advanced production techniques
  • Focus on lean manufacturing and continuous improvement processes
  • Experienced in-house engineering team
  • All products manufactured in the USA

All employees establish and maintain effective working relationships with each other and with our business partners. We work cooperatively toward a common goal and our mutual success. We openly share information and knowledge, support individual and team efforts, and hold each other accountable for our performance.


We exhibit respect and truthfulness in every interaction and do what we say we’ll do.

Positive Attitude

We work with enthusiasm, remain optimistic even during challenging situations, and seek innovative solutions to problems.


We work with focus, discipline and a sense of urgency to accomplish personal, professional and company goals. We recognize and celebrate our achievements.


We are intolerant of complacency and fearlessly pursue new opportunities and innovations. With a focus on continuous improvement, we are flexible, adaptable and open-minded.