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How We Transformed Our Welding Workbenches to Improve Productivity and Safety

Mar 16, 2021 | Company News, Ergonomics, Productivity, Custom Solutions, Success Stories

BOSTONtec not just manufactures heavy duty workbenches, we are also our own client:

If you visit  our welding department today, you will see three brand new BOSTONtec welding workbenches. The team recently gave their welding work cells a total makeover.  It created an environment where the operators work more safely, comfortably, and efficiently.

Engage the teams in continuous improvement

The old welding tables were 5 feet long, and were placed at the end of each welding cell. When welding components were 8 feet or longer, the operators had to get a table extension. They had to turn around when pulling big parts through the workbench and extension. When they were working on a piece at the welding bench, there were not very aware of their surroundings. 

A project team was formed to explore opportunities for improvement.  It was made up of the welders as well as employees in the manufacturing team who interact with the welding department on a daily basis.

Set up the welding workbenches for efficiency and safety

The team re-planned the workstation. They analyzed the work flow – how the items enter and exit the station. They took into consideration the ergonomic and safety concerns of the operators.

The engineering team incorporated all the feedback into a design that meets the needs on all these fronts. 

The new welding workbench is a custom heavy duty electric height adjustable work bench with double actuators. It allows each operator to work on a stable bench at a comfortable height without having to lift heavy items. The 4X8 steel weld surface is big enough to handle parts 8 feet and longer without additional support. It eliminates the need for table extensions and the physical strain caused by turning from one table to another. We now have the capacity to run larger parts simultaneously through all three welding cells.

weld cell

The welding workbench is equipped with casters and can be moved around easily if needed. Currently it sits perpendicular to the entrance of the welding cell. The welder has peripheral vision of three sides and is now more aware of any safety hazard both inside and immediately outside of the work cell.

“We have so much more room now especially when working on big parts,” commented a welder with BOSTONtec. “Things move much faster and smoother around here!”

Celebrate the accomplishment

The welding workbench project was featured recently on BOSTONtec’s CI Showcase. It is an internal platform to communicate continuous improvement progress to everyone in the company. When such an accomplishment is celebrated, we instill a sense of ownership and pride in the team. It encourages everyone to explore new ways to work faster, safer, and healthier. That is what a culture of ergonomics and safety is truly about.  

Feeling inspired to start your own continuous improvement project at workplace? We are here to help you turning your ideas into ergonomic workstation setups.

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