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“Made in Midland” Video Showcases Local Manufacturers

Sep 22, 2016 | Company News, Videos

September 22, 2016 – Midland Tomorrow, Midland, Michigan – When Herbert H. Dow founded The Dow Chemical Company in Midland, MI, he not only created what would evolve into a globally successful company, but also inspired an entrepreneurial spirit that spread throughout the community.

Midland County is home to manufacturers of a wide variety of products distributed throughout the country and the world. They may not be as well-known but have contributed to our economic success for decades. Midland Tomorrow, the county’s economic development agency, decided to highlight some of those manufacturers in a “Made in Midland” video launched online this week.

“Midland County is home to numerous small and medium-sized manufacturers who have made important contributions such as jobs to our economy, some for 70 years or more,” explained Becky Church, vice president of operations for Midland Tomorrow. “We felt it was important to recognize them and share their success with the local community and beyond. The video is also designed to serve as an attraction tool, showing that Midland County is open for business.”

The video includes footage from Alloy Construction, Case Systems and BOSTONtec, CPI Fluid Engineering, Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment, Fulcrum Composites, Ingersoll CM Systems, International Engineering and Manufacturing (a.k.a. Woody’s), The Savant Group and Scientific Anglers.

“This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the successful manufacturers in Midland County,” added Church. “We hope to be able to produce similar videos in the future highlighting additional Made in Midland companies.”

“Case Systems and BOSTONtec are proud to be a part of the Midland community. Our success is possible because of the breadth of talented people this region has to offer. Our quality products and unmatched service are a testament to the phenomenal spirit of our employees,” said Kelly Wehner, President of Case Systems and BOSTONtec. “Midland Tomorrow has long been instrumental in promoting Midland as a community in which businesses can grow and find success. We are proud to call Midland our home and thank Midland Tomorrow for including our products in their video.”

The video can be viewed on YouTube.

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Nina Neuschuetz
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Yi Han
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