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4 Ways We Are Improving Our Packaging Process of Industrial Workbenches

Nov 23, 2020 | Company News

Have you ever wondered how we package our industrial workbenches so they arrive at your work site in perfect condition? When workbenches are shipped with LTL trucks, they often go from one hectic terminal to another. They endure a tremendous amount of handling before reaching their destinations. It is a challenge to keep them intact after such a bumpy journey.

We have been working with our preferred carriers, FedEx and XPO, on evaluating our packaging process of industrial work benches. Recently we kick started a new initiative with a series of packaging improvements.

Bigger and stronger pallets

All BOSTONtec stations are shipped assembled upside down on a pallet. Accessories are packaged separately and shipped either with the work bench or on its own pallet depending on the project size.

After evaluating the pallet size, we found out that increasing the clearance on each end of pallet can provide extra protection to the workstation especially the countertop.

We also looked at the quality of our pallets and the ways metal banding is used to hold the product in place. We have invested in strong pallets and boards at the ends of pallet to withstand the pressure from the metal banding.

Extra protection for the table top

To avoid scratch marks at the edge of the countertop, we are using sturdy 1/8” thick cardboard corner material. We surround the entire countertop with this durable material that is not easily pierced through by fork trucks. 

Additional reinforcement

For tables eight foot and larger, our pallets are reinforced with a 1 ¼ -inch thick laminate board. We also double band work benches that are six feet and larger and add two by fours as our banding at the top of the pallet. The metal banding goes across the two by fours to prevent breaking in transit. On top of that, we shrink wrap everything thoroughly to hold the products tightly to the pallet.

Sustainable packaging

While protecting our products during transit is a top-priority, we stay eco-friendly. At BOSTONtec we make sure to reduce our environmental footprint whenever possible. The bulk of our packaging materials are recyclable. We also use scrape materials from our parent company Case Systems to strengthen pallets. We stopped using a heat sealer machine to package our accessories because it generated too much waste. For large orders that ship in a dedicated truck, we reduce the packaging because it goes directly from our dock to the end user with minimum handling.

As you decide among different brands to be your provider of workstations, ask about their packaging process.  How we take care of our workstations in transit shows how much BOSTONtec cares about your experience when you receive them in tip-top shape.

We continue to work on getting our products to you safely, and look forward to your feedback which will help us evaluate the effectiveness of these measures and come up with even better solutions. Share your insights with us!

BOSTONtec produces affordable, high-quality, height-adjustable packing tables, assembly work benches, medical stations, and lab tables. We strive for continuous improvement of our product offering and customer service.

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