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Why Ergonomic Positioning of Workbench Computer Accessories Matters

Apr 12, 2022 | Ergonomics, Productivity, All Articles

Ergonomic positioning of computer accessories can make a big difference in employees’ health, safety, and productivity.    

It allows the workbench and its users to reach their full potential.

Besides their main functions, workbench computer accessories also provide extra room above and below the work surface for essential items. The operators can perform packing, assembly, testing, inspection, or repair tasks in ergonomic neutral postures.

Let’s look at how ergonomic positioning of computer accessories for workbenches can improve worker safety and efficiency.

Monitor Arms

Monitors are increasingly used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Their ergonomic positioning is of critical importance. Operators could experience neck and shoulder pains if monitor work causes poor posture. Eye strains and headaches can result if a monitor is placed too high, too low, too far, too close, or at an angle.

Adjustable monitor arms can reduce work-related discomfort and injuries while increasing productivity.

It’s no surprise that monitor arms are increasing in popularity, with the market expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2027.

Here are a couple of examples:

workbench monitor arms

Pneumatic Height Adjustable Flat Screen Monitor Arm

A Pneumatic monitor arm mounts the monitor to the uprights. It has a height adjustability of 11 inches and an extension range of 22 inches. The operator can move and tilt the monitor until it reaches the most ergonomic viewing angle.

Optimum adjustability reduces ergonomic risks. Operators can avoid discomfort and even severe problems like repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Space is an essential factor in the workplace. Having the monitor off the countertop allows better utilization of the work surface.

Articulating Monitor Arms

Articulating monitor arms mount on workbench uprights. Height is adjustable on uprights in 1” increments. They have an extension adjustability range. In addition, they can be tilted to ensure the optimal viewing angle.

Operators can adjust the screen’s position to eye level without having to hunch over or reach up. Additionally, they can easily swing the monitor out of the way when not in use.

Keyboard Trays

There are many health hazards associated with typing and using a mouse. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of them. If the table is not set up ergonomically for typing, workers could develop over time discomfort, pains, or even injuries.

Ergonomic positioning of keyboard and mouse accessories for workbenches encourages good postures. Parts of the body that are involved in typing could remain in neutral positions without straining the muscles and joints.

Keyboard and Mouse Holders for Under Work Surface Mount

The under work surface keyboard holder is a popular option for most operators as it allows them to access the keyboard from under the workbench whenever they need it. It can be stored away when not in use. It is ideal for smaller workbenches because it frees up valuable countertop space.

This accessory can reduce the number of workplace injuries. When workers don’t have to reach across their desk every time they need to use their keyboard and mouse, they can reduce the risk of developing problems such as shoulder strain.

Operators are also less likely to experience fatigue. This accessory reduces the number of small movements they make every day, which can go a long way in both ergonomics and efficiency. Experts highly recommend placing the keyboard slightly below the elbow level.

under work surface keyboard trays

The under work surface keyboard tray could come with a mouse platform that slides onto the right or left side of the keyboard tray. The whole structure can swivel and tilt till it reaches the ergonomic angle and height for the user.

It could also be just one long platform to hold both the keyboard and mouse. Or as a pull-out tray under the work surface.

Having the mouse close to the keyboard’s side and at the same height can prevent computer-related overuse injuries.

Keyboard and Mouse Holders for Side Mount

The side mount keyboard holder is very accessible and offers a lot of range in terms of ergonomic positioning. Operators can adjust the height and position of the keyboard easily.

It is an excellent option for smaller workbenches because it frees up valuable surface space. It’s also straightforward to install. Simply attach it to the uprights of the workbench.

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), when the keyboard or mouse is too close or far away, it causes users to assume irregular positions that can cause health problems.

The side mount keyboard holder minimizes the risk of developing problems such as shoulder and wrist strain. It reduces the small non-value-adding motions operators make to reach the mouse, which can go a long way in boosting productivity.

pneumatic articulating keyboard trays

Pneumatic and articulating keyboard holders work similarly to their monitor arm counterparts. They offer the optimum flexibility to set the keyboard together with the mouse pad into the most ergonomic position.

CPU Holders

CPU holders securely hold the CPU off the floor and work surface. They free up valuable space for a better organized workplace. They provide users with easy access to cables, ports, and controls.

thin client CPU holders

Thin client CPU holders secure CPU on uprights or behind monitor with standard VESA plate.  They’re also easy to transport due to the space-saving design.

under work surface CPU holders

Under work surface CPU holders feature smooth under work surface track mount and 360-degree swivel. They allow for quick and easy hardware upgrades and repairs by IT staff. They are available in different sizes to accommodate most CPUs.

Workbench computer accessories ensure that your operators work in ergonomic postures with the least amount of non-value added movements. They prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders and improve productivity.

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