Custom Work Bench – Jewelry Polishing Workstation

    This custom jewelry polishing workstation was made for a high-end jewelry retailer to improve worker productivity and well-being. Space was a big concern in this design challenge. The resulting polishing table features a space-saving three-leg design with two custom cutouts. There is no compromise on functionality. * Polishing equipment and emergency button box were provided by the client.

  • • Electric height adjustable cantilevered work bench with three synchronized legs and support brackets to hold the polishing motor control and emergency shutdown boxes. The workstation incorporates an emergency switch that can be activated by operators with their knee to shut all power down for safety. A third leg on the left hand side is added for extra weight support
  • • Custom cutout in the work surface to accommodate the polishing hood. The hood mounts through the cutout and is attached to a main vacuum line along the back of the table to vent chemicals and debris from the polishing process away from operators
  • • T-mold custom table top is edged with a resilient black molded bumper that resists damages. Rounded corners and deep round cutout at the front are designed for operator comfort and better access to the polishing work area
  • • Standard slotted surface mount uprights; articulating platform arm for tools and finished items and articulating bin holder arm for supplies; both can swing out of the way when not in use
  • • Custom shallow drawer under the work surface for storing extra supplies
  • • 6 outlet power bar to plug in various tools and lights

DISCLAIMER : Product specifications and availability may change without notice.