Custom Work Bench – Fulfillment – Cubby Unit

    Custom electric height adjustable work cell consists of two independently controlled frames.  The main frame supports cubbies on three sides of the operator and a smaller pedestal holds a receiving bin that accumulates products from the conveyor. This unique design goes way beyond the conventional definition of a workstation. It is a system that enables an associate to fulfill multiple different orders at the same time with maximum efficiency.

  • • The main frame is driven by four actuators and controlled by one switch. Associates are able to adjust the height of the cubbies to their body height and comfort level with the touch of a button at the beginning of their shift.  An inbound conveyor supplies ordered products from the back of the unit into the bin located on top of the pedestal. The height of pedestal is controlled by a separate control switch and can be adjusted to the operator's preference. 
  • • Items from the bin are scanned by a mounted overhead scanner. Once identified the computer will associate the item with a specific order and direct the associate to place the item(s) into a specific cubby via a Put to Light system.
  • • Once the order is complete, an indicator light will alert the associate.  Items are gathered, and the indicator light is pressed to cue the system to generate all labeling to include with the order.  All items are then strapped together before being placed on the output conveyor for final packaging.

DISCLAIMER : Product specifications and availability may change without notice.