Custom Workbench - Fulfillment - Batch Stations

    As part of an innovative batch picking solution, custom batch stations were designed to work in conjunction with Kardex vertical lift modules to maximize throughput of fulfillment operations. They are placed side by side in the access area of the automatic storage and order retrieval system. The lower shelves serve as a work surface. They are set at the ergonomic height to allow the operators to put retrieved items into the totes easily. The upper shelves hold the label printers. Put-to-light devices are mounted on the upper shelves to guide the operators to put the correct number of items into the respective bin to finish up picking a batch of orders simultaneously. Completed orders in totes are pushed off the station onto the conveyor to be taken to the next work area for packaging and shipping. Batch stations are a cost-effective and space-saving setup that can be customized to integrate smoothly with various storage solutions to expedite the picking process.

DISCLAIMER : Product specifications and availability may change without notice.