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BOSTONtec® to Showcase Signature Ergonomic Electric Height-Adjustable Workstation During 2019 Medical Design and Manufacturing Convention

Jun 4, 2019 | Company News, Ergonomics

BOSTONtec Medical StationVersatile modular design accommodates ever-changing workflows.

MIDLAND, Mich., June 4th, 2019 – BOSTONtec® ( recently announced they would, for the first time, be exhibiting their electric height-adjustable workstations at the Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M) convention in New York, on June 11–13, to be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (Booth #1367). The workstation to be displayed is specifically engineered for the modern medical and assembly workforce; allowing for a wide variety of physical adjustments to suit nearly any body type, and/or physical accommodation or consideration, while also adjusting to a variety of work tasks.


“While automation in the workplace has improved quality and efficiencies dramatically in modern work environments, many of the remaining manual tasks are often repetitive and can cause injury or other WMSDs (work-related musculoskeletal disorders),” said Kelly Wehner, President of BOSTONtec®. “Finding and retaining workers for these repetitive tasks is becoming increasingly difficult for companies. In a tight labor market employee retention is a major success factor.”

In addition to carefully considered ergonomics, function and ease-of-use are central concerns addressed by the BOSTONtec® design. Proper reach zones, optimized for both task type and frequency of use, help maximize workflow efficiency and accuracy, while significantly reducing risk of work-related injuries. Moreover, an overall comfortable working experience increases worker satisfaction, thus increasing worker retention.

BOSTONtec® workstations can be found in medical facilities and cleanrooms across the country, where electric models allow for height adjustment at the push of a button. Every station can be equipped with an array of accessories which lift, tilt, rotate and slide to allow for optimal flexibility. Always adapting the workstation to the user instead of the other way around, BOSTONtec® designs accommodate both sitting and standing task-performance positions, and are fully ADA compliant.


BOSTONtec® workstations are fully customizable and can be crafted to meet the needs of almost any industry, allowing for faster and safer worker performance.

Laboratory: Medical device assembly, testing, educational activities, and biotech operations.
Assembly: Mechanical and electronics — assembly, inspection, testing, and quality control activities.
Fulfillment: Packing, shipping, receiving, and return activities.

“Diversity in the workforce has made the uncompromising one-size-fits-all approach to design obsolete. The ‘average’ worker does not exist. So versatility is key.” said Paul Abdou, BOSTONtec® National Sales Manager. “By investing in ergonomic workstations that adjust to accommodate a large range of the workforce — from the 5th to the 95th percentile — employers can help reduce unnecessary motion and increase productivity up to 25 percent.”


Established in 1993, BOSTONtec® is a Michigan-based company that produces high quality, height-adjustable steel workstations intended for the assembly, fulfillment, healthcare and technology markets. With more than 20 years of design and manufacturing experience, BOSTONtec® is the leader in custom and ergonomic modular workstations. All BOSTONtec® products are designed and fabricated in the United States and sold worldwide.
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