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BOSTONtec® Presents Newest Ergonomic Research at Modex 2020

Feb 11, 2020 | Company News, Ergonomics

Jeff Rob present ergonomic research at MODEX seminarSeminar: New Ergonomic Study – Increase Your Productivity by Following These Ergonomic Principles
Midland, MI – Feb 11, 2020 – BOSTONtec® ( a leader in ergonomic, modular workstations recently announced its hosting of an informative seminar at this year’s MODEX 2020 conference, scheduled to take place on Monday, March 9 at 12:45PM, Theater B in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center. Featuring Jeff Hoyle, Director of Ergonomic Services from The Ergonomic Center of North Carolina State University, and Rob Doucette Jr., Sr. Applications Engineer with BOSTONtec, the seminar debuts new ergonomic research undertaken by the Ergonomics Center of North Carolina. Free registration for the conference is available at MODEX 2020 online

“As a leader in ergonomic workstations, we often get asked important questions from our customers, like: How much productivity can I gain by applying ergonomic principles to my workstation set-up?” said BOSTONtec® President, Kelly Wehner. “These and other detailed questions deserve very specific answers, and in the past, we’ve had to use derivative studies or pure experience to answer them. But now, we have definitive field-specific research that offers the answers our customers need, using the very same workstation designs that are typical in the material handling and manufacturing industry.”

The study was designed and supervised by Jeff Hoyle, Director of Ergonomic Services at the Ergonomics Center and conducted in the fourth quarter of 2019. Based on specific conclusions from the research, BOSTONtec® will incorporate the valuable data to better advise its clients on how to set up industrial workstations in an ergonomically sound and efficient way. This includes objective measures like productivity, motion and risk differences, as well as subjective measures like comfort preferences and ease of use.

During the seminar, Rob Doucette and Jeff Hoyle will explain in detail how ergonomics plays a role in the financial performance of companies. Attendees of the seminar can expect to take away several guidelines they can use to evaluate and improve their work environments and to gain deeper understanding of their organizations’ work practices. In addition, the seminar will provide insights into specific ergonomic principles to consider when designing packaging and assembly workbenches. “We compared a regular, non-optimized workstation set-up with an ergonomically sound set-up,” Hoyle explained. “The results of the study showed the immense potential organizations have when focusing on ergonomics; both from a productivity, but also worker wellbeing perspective.”

These findings can be applied to a variety of different tasks performed by multiple industries. BOSTONtec® will also be available at booth 6404 during the trade show to discuss these results and their applications with those interested.

BOSTONtec® produces high-quality, height-adjustable steel workstations for the assembly, fulfillment, healthcare, and technology markets. With more than 20 years of design and manufacturing experience, BOSTONtec® is the leader in ergonomic, modular workstations and custom solutions.  All BOSTONtec® products are designed and fabricated in Midland, MI, and are sold worldwide.

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