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BOSTONtec to Showcase Ergonomic Solutions at 2022 Applied Ergonomics Conference

Mar 10, 2022 | Ergonomics, Events, All Articles, Company News

BOSTONtec will exhibit at the 2022 annual Applied Ergonomics Conference (AEC) from March 21 to 23. Join us at Booth #509 at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

Sharing in the mission of the event organizer, Applied Ergonomics Society (AES), ergonomics is at the core of who BOSTONtec is as a company. That’s why we’re proud to present our solutions designed with a focus on ergonomics.

We will showcase our ergonomic assembly station with ergonomic features, such as :

  • Electric height adjustability with a touch of a button
  • Under work surface keyboard tray
  • Articulating bin holder
  • Attached footrest
  • Pneumatic monitor arm
  • Tool track for power tools
  • LED overhead light

What’s more, BOSTONtec’s Senior Applications Engineer Rob Doucette will hold an educational presentation at the conference.

The presentation’s title is “Increase Your Productivity with These Ergonomic Principles.

Are you looking for ways to accelerate productivity while protecting your workers’ health and safety?

You don’t want to miss this!

Rob will share invaluable insights on:

  • The economics of ergonomics
  • The ergonomic risks
  • The productivity effects of an ergonomically designed workstation (as demonstrated in a study conducted by The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina State University)

He will also share timeless recommendations on workstation design and process flow to improve productivity and accuracy while decreasing worker injuries and turnover.

Did we pique your interest? Join the conversation!

And there’s more to learn at the conference.

Especially after the last edition (#AppliedErgo2021) had been virtual, this 25th edition of the Applied Ergonomic Conference (#AppliedErgo2022) promises to be a valuable experience.

Other thought-leadership groups can’t wait to share their ergonomic innovations and know-how in person through:

  • Pre-conference workshops. You’ll learn how to build an effective ergo process and keep remote workers safe.
  • A host of program sessions. You’ll learn the latest on tech wearables, exoskeletons, bringing epidemiology to the shop floor, and more.
  • The Ergo Cup competition. You’ll be able to review scores of ergonomic inventions under one roof.

One of these remarkable groups is EASE (Ergonomic Assists Systems and Equipment).

EASE is a group within the Material Handling Industry (MHI) that focuses solely on making work easier and improving productivity by improving the work environment.

Its mission is to be an authoritative resource for ergonomics in all industrial manufacturing environments.

So, it’s no surprise that BOSTONtec is a member of the EASE Group.

EASE exhibits will showcase different ergonomic solutions that improve worker safety, wellbeing, and health while performing different tasks in various industries.

So, schedule time for the 2022 Applied Ergonomic Conference & Expo to meet exhibitors and participants committed to the practical application of ergonomics.

Let’s move beyond theory to practical applications that make the work environment safer and more productive.

In the meantime, explore our ergonomic resources here.

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