Partitions & Dividers

Protect Your Employees

Polycarbonate Panel allows see
through and easy cleaning.
Leveler Glides
L- Shape Configuration
Welded Frame and Feet

Freestanding Industrial Partitions & Dividers

Add another layer of protection for your employees with  Protective Barriers.

Help stop the spread of germs from coughing and sneezing without interrupting your business processes. Health officials have offered guidance on what employers ought to do to keep their employees safe. Dividers and barriers are one way to reduce communicable diseases in the workplace by maintaining social distance and physical separation.

Key benefits :
  • Reduce the spread of infectious diseases
  • Create a sense of privacy where needed
  • Your employees feel safe and cared for
  • Create separate workspaces without interrupting your workflow
Flexible Partitions And Dividers. Get Yours.

Custom Industrial Workbenches

When is it right for you?

Modular workstations are all-rounders and will adjust to several different workflows. So when should you consider custom solutions?

A custom workstation can be as simple as a small shelf or as elaborate as a multi-station configuration. As you’re planning your ideal workstation, our modular system is a great place to start. Fine-tune your station to ensure higher productivity and employee retention.

Infographic Custom Workbenches


5 star customer
5-Star Customer
Built to last
To Last
Industry Experien
Maintenance free

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