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3 Innovations for Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Jun 22, 2022 | All Articles, Ergonomics, Productivity, Custom Solutions

The future of Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturing is looking up as big automotive companies throw in their weight to try and match up with Tesla.

To be ahead of the pack and tap into the emerging EV market, manufacturers must be digitally advanced and quick to embrace the automation of electric vehicle manufacturing.

Digital manufacturing is the future for manufacturers looking to produce quality EVs at super speeds and lower costs to meet client demands. Add innovative equipment that brings the work to workers and reduces work-related injuries.

Two critical steps all EV manufacturers must take are to improve productivity and lower costs.

Electric car sales increased almost three-fold in 2021 (6.6 billion) compared to 2019, accounting for 9% of global vehicle sales. That exponential growth is projected to reach 160 million EVs on the road as electric cars become the norm. Anyone who wants a piece of the cake must up production and work safety.

This post will cover three innovative ergonomic workstations. They are designed with electric vehicle manufacturing in mind. Let’s begin!

ESD (electrostatic discharge) Turntable Assembly Station

turntable assembly workbench ESD

The ESD assembly workbench is designed for electric vehicle manufacturing. It features electric height adjustability and a full 360-degree turntable. It is ideal for working on heavy components such as a cooling unit.


  • Ease of setup and height adjustment

Two actuators move the station, and one programmable electric switch controls it. At the beginning of a shift, the operator can set up the height of the multi-frame workbench at the touch of a button.

  • Efficiency and injury prevention

The turntable moves smoothly on ball transfers. There is no need to keep positioning the unit at different angles while working.

Repetitive motions lead to musculoskeletal injuries, especially on the arms, shoulders, and the back. With this workstation, employees don’t need to lift, push, and pull heavy items. The work and tools come to them.

It minimizes non-value added movement and work-related injuries.  No time is wasted adjusting the workstation or the unit the operator is working on.

  • Easy reach of equipment and supplies

Pegboards keep tools and supplies organized and easy to access on both sides. Two power bars attached to the uprights make it easy to plug in equipment and devices.

  • ESD safety

Electric vehicles contain delicate electronic components.

All electric automobile manufacturers know . Any time the electrons on the surface of one object move to the surface of another, a positive charge is created, known as electrostatic discharge (ESD).

The charge levels are so low that you may realize the effects too late. Since the electronic parts are microscopic and getting smaller by the day, the ESD issue is inevitable.

To ensure ESD safety, this workbench is equipped with ESD compliant work surfaces including the turntable. It prevents immediate or delayed product failures that could be very costly for EV manufacturers.

The wire-harness assembly workbench

The custom wire harness assembly workbench  is a compact, flexible, space-saving solution that can be used for vehicle wiring and charging cable wiring.

wire harness board frames

The wiring harnesses in a vehicle are among its bulkiest and most expensive components. It could be rewarding or very frustrating for employees to build the vehicle wiring.

Wiring harnesses deliver information and electric power to an EV. Electric vehicles (EVs) rely heavily on wire and cable networks, which have grown in importance due to technological improvements in the automotive industry.

Today’s wide variety of electric vehicles necessitates made-to-order cable systems, often hand-assembled for a wide range of applications, as electric vehicle manufacturing continues to evolve.

Innovative wire harness board configurations improve wiring accuracy and efficiency. They decrease repetitive motion injuries and thus reduce costs for EV manufacturers.


  • Flexible configurations

This wire harness assembly workbench has two back-to-back wire harness board frames. Each frame can accommodate an assembly task. At the press of a button, the operator can modify the height of each frame individually. Multiple such workbenches could be placed next to each other to form an extended work surface on each side. It is also possible to program the actuators of two nearby board frames to allow for coordinated height adjustment.

  • Tilting aspect

The operator can manually incline the board frame 20-degree from the upright position for comfort and efficiency.

  • Footrests and charging features

It also has attached footrests, which give ergonomic comfort for the operator, whether sitting or standing. They can also function as a lower shelf for occasional storage. Power bars at the top and bottom of the frames provide easy access to power for equipment.

Aside from electric vehicle production, this solution can also benefit suppliers of wiring harnesses and connectors for EVs.

As per the projected compound annual growth rate of 23.37% from 2021 to 2031, EV harnesses are lucrative owing to the electric automobiles’ high demand.

Electric vehicles use close to twice the number of wires and connectors that traditional combustion vehicles do.

There is also the issue of too much weight on EV wiring. As a solution, OEMs are turning to aluminum wiring harnesses.

Intelligent Workplace Systems

testing table with integrated instrumentation

EV vehicle manufacturing drives a need for efficient workplace solutions that offer precision control units and new technology testing capabilities. 

An innovative laboratory workstation can be configured specifically for tests in battery research and electromobility.


  • A technology workplace system with integrated equipment cockpit including power supply unit, digital multimeter, and function generator
  • Control center with touch display, 3D gesture control, and voice control
  • Workstation customization with slide-in technology and 19” modular grids
  • Flexibility enabled by height adjustment and bridge connection
  • Glare-free lighting adjustable in brightness, light color, and inclination


With demand for electric vehicles soaring, manufacturers strive to meet customer needs while growing their business.

Innovative solutions that allow their workers to work safely, comfortably, and productively will give automotive manufacturers and suppliers a competitive edge.

Are you convinced that the right equipment influences productivity and product quality? Head over to BOSTONtec  for tailor-made ergonomic workstations that are made just for electric vehicle manufacturing.

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Nina Neuschuetz
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Yi Han
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