Tool Support

Placing tools within the proper ergonomic reach zones, can reduce operator movement and improve productivity.

Overhead Tool Support

The overhead support can be used to hold tool trolley and tool balancer. The support has a 35-pound capacity, mounts to all industrial uprights and comes in sizes to match workstations widths. Additional auxiliary tool track available.

Tool Trolley and Tool Balancer

Compatible with the overhead tool support, the trolley glides through the track for smooth portability of attached items. Tool balancer rotates 360 degrees and has pushbutton tension release. Combining the trolley and balancer keeps tools within reach of operator when needed then moves them out of the way when not in use.

Overhead Spool Holder

Compatible with all industrial uprights and trolley, the overhead spool holder accepts rolls up to 30 inches wide and 36 inches in diameter. This accessory has a 50-pound capacity and is perfect for keeping bubble wrap accessible for packing applications. Add the optional spool rod holder (shown) for even better roll control.

Paper Holder and Cutter

This convenient all-in-one accessory holds and cuts packing or wrapping paper. The unit accepts rolls up to 30 inches wide and 9 inches in diameter. With a 75-pound capacity, the holder/cutter is ideal for packaging workstations. Compatible with all industrial uprights.

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