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Tilting Ergonomic Work Surfaces

BOSTONtec offers a variety of different types and styles of tilting work surfaces. Tilting work surfaces are available with plastic laminated work surfaces (T-Mold, postformed, or self-edged), maple, or steel work surfaces. Tilt tables improve user ergonomics and productivity by better positioning a task, reducing operator reach and permitting better user posture while performing difficult tasks.

Tilting workstations are available with a full surface tilt, split surface tilt, drafting style tilt, rotational style tilt, all either manually or electrically operated.

Work Surface Tilt Styles
  • Full Surface Tilt
  • Applications where the complete work surface tilts. Full surface tilt is available in either drafting style or rotational style tilt. Work surface sizes range from 24"X36" to 48"X96" with power or manual tilt from 0 to 60 degrees standard. Zero to 90 degree tilt is optional.
  • Split Surface Tilt
  • Several different configurations are available. The tilting surfaces can be tilted using a drafting style tilt or rotational style tilt. Refer to "tilting work surface configurations" below for different examples.
  • Drafting Style Tilt
  • Applications in which the work surface pivots from it's front edge, similar to a drafting table.
  • Rotational Tilt
  • Applications, where the surface tilts around some axis back from the front edge of the surface. Unlike a standard drafting table tilt, the front of the surface will drop as the back raises. This method of tilt helps users gain access inside large deep chassis or boxes.

Tilt Mechanisms
  • Manual Tilt (WMT)
  • The manual tilt option (Part Number (WMT) provides a ratcheting latch in the back of the work surface that allows the surface to be lifted to a desired tilt, where the latch will lock into position. To lower the surface simply pull it up to it's top position where the latching mechanism will disengage and the surface can then be lowered to it's flat position. Manual tilt work surfaces provide a simple cost effective method to better position smaller work surfaces for light duty applications. Manual tilt is only recommended for smaller, lighter work surfaces because the operators have to lift them when setting the tilt.
  • Electric Tilt (WET)
  • Standard electric tilt (Part Number, WET) is available on any style tilting work surface, with a standard 500 lb. lifting capacity. Higher capacity 1000 lb. motors are available.

Work Surface Configurations

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